General information

System functions

Heedbook service has the following options:

Manager role

  1. Company registration and payment
  2. Adding and blocking accounts of company staff
  3. Connection to workplaces (supervising customer service in real time)
  4. Creating words and phrases (scripts) for frequency of use analysis
  5. Receiving PUSH-notification about events on the frontline
  6. View reports on dialogues (employee, beginning time, duration, text content, video, integral satisfaction index, mimics analysis, percentage of attention, speech and voice analysis)
  7. View reports on company (blocks «Quality of Service», «Efficiency», «Text Analysis») for all dialogues conducted for the selected period up to the level of each employee
  8. View employee ratings by the average client satisfaction index, workload, percentage of compliance with scripts
  9. View customer profile (by gender and age)

Employee role

  1. Selection input video and audio devices
  2. Beginning and end of session

Technical requirements

  • Browser Chrome/Firefox/Opera, Internet channel from 0.8 Mb/sec (for Manager and Employee roles)
  • Free USB 2.0, webcam with resolution from 640*480 and high-quality audio (for Employee role)

Safety and data storage

The system uses a cryptographic protocol and safe Microsoft data storage. The information is stored in the Azure BLOB storage: video and audio stream – 1 day, dialogues and photos – unlimited.